NOOBs reach the White House

“… there are people in Iran who have the same aspirations as people all around the world, for a better life. And we hope that their leadership takes the right decision.”–Barack Obama, third presidential debate, October 22, 2012. (Thanks to Gigi Simeone)

3 responses to “NOOBs reach the White House

  1. Mooch Blackmore

    Do you also feel, when considering ‘makes the right decision’ vs ‘takes the right decision’ that ‘makes’ seems more final than ‘takes’? ‘Makes’ seems to imply the decision has been acted on. ‘Takes” seems more tentative and the decision has not yet been activated. To me there is a subtle difference.
    I think takes+decision has been around in Canada for quite a while.

  2. I suspect he meant to say “makes” and wasn’t really using singular for “leadership.”

  3. A British speaker would say “we hope their leadership take (or, make) the right decision”. In British English “leadership” (like “team”, “class”, etc) would be construed as a collective noun and therefore would receive the plural form of the verb. “The team ARE” = BrE vs “the team IS” = AmE.

    See also the form “took the decision” which appears quite frequently in AmE–restricted in Google search to the .gov domain, it shows up in the transcripts of several White House press briefings, as well as in other places, see here:

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